Diablo 2 Resurrected Throwing


Throwing weapons have a number of varieties in Diablo 2. For instance, there are throwing knives, potions, axes, and many different types of javelins for D2 throwing weapons. You can use all but the potions as a melee weapon, and the weapons have even higher damage output when they’re thrown.

Barbarian’s Throwing Mastery functions with javelins, knives, and axes when they are thrown. It doesn’t work for melee. Their Axe Mastery functions with throwing axes during melee combat, but not when they’re throwing. They have no Javelin Mastery, and their throwing knives are of the Dagger Class. Their best bet is to utilize Axe Mastery, alongside melee with throwing axes, or they can keep an additional weapon to switch slots for D2 throwing weapon.

Additional Information

Damage Bonus is determined by how you multiply the weapon’s damage with your statistics to reach the actual output. Throwing weapons in Diablo 2 have 100 Strength, while Diablo 2 Resurrected throwing weapons have 50 Strength/50 Dexterity.

D2R Item Level can be found in several MMORPGs for diablo 2 throwing weapons. It requires monsters to be of the exact level or higher to drop the item. Weapons Speed is utilized to compare other weapons of the same type. For instance, -10 is faster and +10 is slower by one frame per 10 (minus or plus).

Stack Size is only applied to throwing weapons. Minimum is the smallest stack that a mob can drop, and Maximum is the largest stack possible for diablo 2 throwing weapons. Throwing weapons can stack only on the other weapons of the same type and modifiers.
The range is from 1 to 5 in Diablo 2 Resurrected. The numbers are fixed depending upon the item class. For instance, Javelin (3) = Sword (3) = Hammer (3), etc. Also, every character has the same throw rate, and the speed isn’t affected with additional attack speed mods, as they only affect the melee attack rates. It’s worth noting that you cannot socket Throwing weapons in Diablo 2 or Diablo 2 Resurrected.

Throwing Weapons


Throwing Knife

Melee Dmg: 2-3, Throwing Dmg: 4-9, Durability: 4, Str Req: None, DEX Req: 21, Item Level: 2, and C-LVL Req: None.

Throwing Axe

4-7 Melee, 8-12 Thrown, Durability: 6, Str Req: None, DEX Req: 40, Item Level: 7, and C-LVL Req: None.

Balanced Knife

1-8 Melee, 6-11 Thrown, Durability: 8, Str Req: None, DEX Req: 51, Item Level: 13, and C-LVL Req: None.

Balanced Axe

5-10 Melee, 12-15 Throw, Durability: 10, Str Req: None, DEX Req: 57, Item Level: 16, and C-LVL Req: None.


Battle Dart

Melee Dmg: 8-16, Throwing Dmg: 11-24, Durability: 6, Str Req: 25, DEX Req: 52, Item Level: 31, and C-LVL Req: 19.


Melee Dmg: 11-22, Throwing Dmg: 18-33, Durability: 15, Str Req: 25, DEX Req: 80, Item Level: 34, and C-LVL Req: 22.

War Dart

Melee Dmg: 6-24, Throwing Dmg: 14-27, Durability: 20, Str Req: 25, DEX Req: 97, Item Level: 39, and C-LVL Req: 25.

Hurl Bat

Melee Dmg: 13-27, Throwing Dmg: 24-34, Durability: 16, Str Req: 25, DEX Req: 106, Item Level: 41, and C-LVL Req: 25 for D2R throwing weapons.


Flying Knife

Melee Dmg: 23-54, Throwing Dmg: 23-54, Durability: 6, Str Req: 48, DEX Req: 141, Item Level: 58, and C-LVL Req: 48.

Flying Axe

Melee Dmg: 17-65, Throwing Dmg: 15-66, Durability: 15, Str Req: 88, DEX Req: 108, Item Level: 61, and C-LVL Req: 42.

Winged Knife

Melee Dmg: 27-35, Throwing Dmg: 23-39, Durability: 20, Str Req: 45, DEX Req: 142, Item Level: 64, and C-LVL Req: 56 for D2R throwing weapons.

Winged Axe

Melee Dmg: 11-56, Throwing Dmg: 7-60, Durability: 16, Str Req: 96, DEX Req: 122, Item Level: 66, and C-LVL Req: 58.