RS3 1 to 99 Mining Guide


Mining is categorized as a gathering skill where players extract Ores, Rune Essences, Gems, Geodes, and many other resources from rock that can be found throughout the RuneScape platform. These mined Ores play a vital role in the game because you smelt them into metal bars, which are then used to smith into various useful equipment.

To begin with the Mining skill, it’s best that you use the best available pickaxe depending on your current level. As you level up, you can upgrade your tools by purchasing new variants. From levels 1 to 89, Urns can be a huge help during the entire process, and if you don’t use them, then you’ll likely need to grind longer than its usual time. Urns provide a better experience rate per hour and it helps to calculate many ores you need to mine for them. Once an Urn is filled, it will be teleported away and grant you with a good amount of experience in Mining. Alternatively, if you choose to drop the items, then you can start by associating with key binds which will help you to drop and teleport them. Considering everything, if you don’t take Urns with you, it’ll be a huge loss while training the skill. Anyhow, let’s begin with the guide.

Levels 1 to 10

You can start by mining Copper or Tin ores to receive 5,000 experience per hour, which is the best available method at level 1. You can choose either of the following locations; Lumbridge Swamp Mining Area, Burthorpe Mine, or Southeast Varrock Mining Area. The first ten levels should take about 30 minutes, and remember to mine the best Ores available to you, rather than focusing the Ores at levels 1 to 10. However, you should ignore mining Clay.

Levels 11 to 20

You can now start Mining Iron Ores to receive 15,000 experiences per hour, and this method should be implemented until you reach level 20. You can either choose to visit the Southwest Varrock Mining Area or the Southwest Lumbridge Swamp Mining Area to mine these Ores. Once you unlock the Energy Mining or the Stamina Bar, you can start focusing more on their Iron mining excursion. However, do remember that you shouldn’t AFK during the whole process, and fill Urns to see extraordinary results at levels 10, 20, or above.

Levels 21 to 30

It’s time to switch to Coal now, and the perfect places to mine are the Falador Mining Area, Southwest Lumbridge Swamp, and the Barbarian Village Mining Area. You can easily receive 25,000 Mining experience per hour via this method, and remember to fill Urns so that they can teleport back to net you with experience. Just to bring it into light; Runed-Urns make the Urns untradeable.

Levels 31 to 40

Once you’ve at level 30, you can start Mining Mithril Ores that are located southeast Varrock Mining Area, Karamja Volcano Mine, and southwest Varrock Mining Area. So, you can choose either one of the locations, according to your preferences. You can earn about 40,000 experience per hour through this method, and if you own ten filled Mining urns during the process, you can trade it for a good amount of experience.

Levels 41 to 50

At level 40, you can switch to Adamantite Ores or Luminite Ores, which will grant you 45,000 experience per hour. You can find Adamantite Ores in the southeast Varrock Mining Area, western Anachronia Ruin Mine, and the Mining Area in Rimmington. Speaking of Luminite Ores, you can find the rocks on the Battlefield Mining Area, Mining Guild Resource Dungeon, western Anachronia Ruin Mine, and the Dwarven Mine.

Levels 51 to 60

After reaching level 50, F2P players can’t progress further with higher-tier rocks (unless you are willing to risk entering the Wilderness), because they are part of P2P regions that can only be accessed by members. You can now begin Mining Runite Ores in the Mining Guild, south & north Crandor Mining Area, and the Fight Arena Mining Area, which will grant you about 60,000 experience per hour.

Levels 61 to 75

Once you’re at level 60, you can choose to mine either Orchalcite or Drakolith Ores to obtain 70,000 experience per house. Orchalcite Ores can be found on the Canyon Mine of Anachronia, the Mining Guild, and the Wilderness Mining Area, which is in the southwestern regions. Drakolith Ores can be found at the Mining Guild Resource Dungeon, Karamja Mining Area, the Heroes’ Guild Mine, and the Al-Kharid Mining Area.

Levels 75 to 81

It’s time for you to switch to Necrite or Phasmatite Ores that are located in the Al-Kharid Resource Dungeon, and Uzer Mining Site, or the Abandon Mine, Dwarven Hidden Mine, and Port Phasmatys Sothern Mine. Using this method to level up will grant you 85,000 experience per hour.

Levels 82 to 89

For the following levels, you can choose to stick with Banite Ores for a few extra levels to receive 110,000 experience per hour or switch towards the methods listed below from level 89 onwards. These Ores can be found in the Glacor Cave, Jatizso Dungeon, or the Abomination Cave after completing Ritual of Mahjarrat, The Fremennik Achievements, or Heroes’ Welcome quests, respectively. Alternatively, you can locate them on Hallvar.

Levels 89 to 97

To mine Corrupted Ores at level 89, you will need to have completed the Plague’s End quest, and this method will give 180,000 XP per hour. These Ores can be mined from the Seren Stone located in the Trahaearn’s Clan District, and these Ores aren’t really considered as an Ore Rock. It provides a 1.2x experience multiplier, which means that you can gain 40% more experience per hit than mining Light or Dark Animica that provides a 0.84x experience multiplier.

Levels 91 to 97

As mentioned above, you can alternatively switch to Light or Dark Animica for further levels, which is also a quick way to gain levels. Light Animica can be found in the Lletya Mining Area, Entrance of the Smoke Dungeon, and Anachronia Southwest Mine. Whereas, Dark Animica can be found in the Anachronia Swamp Mine, and within the Empty Throne Room. You can finish your ‘rock-switching’ journey here if you like, but there’s also another method that you can opt for once you reach level 97 in Mining.

Levels 97 to 120

Starting from level 97, things will get a little trickier because you need to head to the Arc Region to explore and search various parks of the Uncharted Isles. However, you need to first complete the quest Impressing the Locals, and the mini-quest Flagg Fall. During this process, you need to find an island with Alaea Crablets colony, and then claim the islands as your own through the option ‘Claim Island Flag’. Doing so will allow you to return to it at any time, and make sure that you make sure of Urns to maximize the gains.

Alaea Crablets also drop Alaea Sea Salt, which can be used to purchase more supplies and cover your Mining expenses during this phase. If everything is done correctly, you will be able to receive 190,000 Mining experience per hour.

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