Guide to Making Millions with the RuneCrafting Skill

RuneCrafting, or RC, is a skill that was released with the RuneScape 2 update, in which the player is able to craft their very own rune stones for magic spells at RuneCrafting altars. RuneCrafting offers a tremendous opportunity to create a massive amount of money, as well as a very well respected cape, the Runecraft Cape.
To star off, one must first complete the quest, Rune Mysteries. Once that has been completed, a player now has the ability to craft runes. At the very first levels, the player will not earn much money, but the profits increase as their RuneCrafting level rises.

A player will start off by making air runes, but for this a player must visit the grand exchange and purchase an air talisman or an air tiara, along with some rune essence. Once those materials are acquired, simply take a full inventory load from your bank account to the air altar located north east of Varrock just besides the bridge leading to Barbarian Village. A player will do this from levels 1-44.

Profit with this.
11,130 Rune essence: 868,140
39,473 Airs made: 631,568
Loss of: 236,572

Afterwards, a player MUST raise their summoning level to 57, to be able to summon a spirit graahk. With this, a player will craft nature runes. The materials needed for this process are a nature talisman or a nature tiara, and this time pure essence, and also various rings of duelling, for quick banking. Another thing that a player might want to consider are pouches, which can be attained from the RC guild, for a minimal price. Do keep in mind that as your RC level increases you have a higher chance of crafting two nature runes per pure essence. A player will do this from levels 44-82.

Profit with this.

44-82 Natures (Note: This is the BARE MINIMUM you will make, not including the random extra natures)
262,827 Pure ess: 41,001,012
262,827 Natures: 64,129,788
Profit of: 23,128,776

Next a player will need to complete the quest “Lunar Diplomacy” in order for the next step to function. At this point, a player will be crafting double astral runes. You will need pure essence and your pouches, but no talisman or tiara since the astral altar is not located inside a temple. Simply run from Lunar Isle’s bank to the astral temple, and it is suggested to use moonclan teleport to maximise profit per hour. A player will do this for levels 82-99.

Profit with this.
82-91 Double Astrals (Note: this is probally the fastest way to level)
400,201 Pure ess: 62,431,356
800,402 Astrals: 159,279,998
Profit of: 96,848,462

The final step requires all that was mentioned for levels 44-82, but the only difference is that a player will be crafting double nature runes. This is probably one of the best money-making methods in RuneScape.

Profit with this.
91-99 Double Natures
792,400 Pure ess: 123,614,440
1,584,800 Nature: 386,691,200
Profit of: 263,076,760

Profit 1-99 (Note: This is the BARE MINIMUM not including random extra runes and graahk/Ring of Duelling cost)
Expect to add at least another 30m or so with extra runes and after taking off graahk/Ring of Duelling prices.

Keep in mind that this skill takes an immense amount of time, an estimated of 600 hours from 1-99. It is very tedious, and breaks are recommended. Apart from this, good luck and enjoy the wealth!