Using Yahoo and Trillian

Most of us and our members have Yahoo.  We also have AOL but not many of our members have it.  This will help you get comfortable using Yahoo and Trillian. 

When a new member joins, we try to get their messenger IDís to add to our list.  If you get a new memberís ID, just blast or email to the rest of the TDís.


Trillian is a standalone Instant Messenger client that supports AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, and IRC.   If you have any of these messengers, you can combine them all into one.  It will show all your friends on at the same time without turning all your messengers on.  You can download it from this website   After you install it, just follow the steps to add all your messengers in it.  We use it just for AOL because you cannot blast messages with just one click.  Hereís what it looks like and how to send a blast.














Note:  On old computers with not enough processing speed, Trillian tends to interfere with pogo games so after you send a blast, close the program.



Most people have Yahoo messenger these days.  You can download it from this website.  We suggest making separate groups on your messenger like Friends, Family, TDís, TGF Members, EtcÖ..  This is easier to send out blast to all. 













Blast Messaging

To send a blast message out to a group, right click on the group name.  Click Broadcast an IM to this Group some versions may also say Send to All.  Type your message and hit send or press enter. 







To send the same message to two different groups, you can highlight the first message by left clicking the highlighted message then right click to copy the message before you click send.  Then highlight the next group name, click Broadcast an IM to this Group, right click and select paste and send. 

Adding a Link

To add a link to your IM just open up your tournament page and click on the address bar to highlight the url.  Right click to copy and paste into your message.




Sending Your Messenger List

Every once in awhile we send our list to each other to make sure we have all the same names on it.  Itís easy to do this with Yahoo.  Click the person you want to send it to, click Actions up at the top of your messenger, then click Send My Messenger List.  It will then open a new box to click on the name you want to send.