Tri Peaks Scoring


Scoring in Tri Peaks Solitaire is the same as any other token game except for one little twist; you have what I call the ďmouth scoreĒ. 


As you win hands, the little guy at the top makes his way across the screen towards several treasure chests.  If you donít win a hand, you still get to keep the tokens youíve collected (tokens in the mouth score) but itís not added to your total token count until you reach the gold chest at the end or you get go out of the game completely.


During the 10 minutes of play, some people donít go as far as the gold chest so to make it a fair match we use the tokens they won in the mouth score.


mouth score.gif


Iíll explain the following example the best way I can because it still confuses me a bit and while running a tournament I do a lot of figuring in my head.


In this example Kevin didnít make it to the gold chest during the first round but he scored 300 tokens during play.  So you subtract what he ended with from what he started with and that gives you the total he won for that round.


Kim made it to the gold chest and won 111 tokens plus the mouth score of 100 during play.  When you subtract the mouth score from what she started with she won 50 tokens.  You add the 2 scores together and you get the total score which is 161.  So the ending scores for that match are Kevin 275 and Kim 161 so that make Kevin the winner even though he didnít make it to the gold chest that round.  Hard to believe that Kevin beat Kim but thereís a first time for everything.  LOL!   Let me know if you have any questions.


Peaks Scores.gif