Token Count Instructions


  Enter Players Names in top box (line 1)

  Enter Players last 6 numbers of their beginning token count (line 2)

  Enter Players last 6 numbers of their ending token count (line 3)

  Line 4 automatically gives you their token total for that round



Use column D for the next round.  When you go into the 3rd round you need to delete the information in the first 2 columns.  To clear these columns, just left click and hold down your left mouse button to highlight row 1, 2, and 3, right click and click clear contents.  Be careful not to clear row 4 as this row has formatting that does the adding and subtracting for you.  See the yellow highlights in the picture.

Token Clear.gif


Token Peaks.gifTri-Peaks is a little different.  Use the small box to enter the token count in the mouth that your players report.  Sometimes their token count will remain the same but actual token count that they receive is in the mouth.

3 Card Bingo

This is when you want to put a twist in just plain old Bingo.  They play 3 games with the same opponent and they give totals after each game.  This sheet will add it up for you.  There is also a link for players to keep their own scores.


REMINDER DO NOT clear the last row for each player, this will erase the formula (total)