TD Guidelines

Revised January, 2009


The Admin Staff of TrueGoldFriends have put together a few guidelines to follow.  We understand how things can get confused on whatís the right thing to do.  We hope this will help you if you are ever in doubt and no one is around.  We have all been in your position and have learned by trial and error.  So as your friends, we would like to share our experiences.  As always, we are here to guide you if any problems arise.


We appreciate any time you give to our members. We have always considered this league to be a ďMembersĒ League and as TD Staff we are also members.  If you have a problem, we support the open door policy and hope you feel comfortable coming to us even if to lend an ear.  After all we are all here for the same reasons, we like to play games and have fun. 



Minimum Requirement


Effective September 1st, 2008, the minimum number of tournaments you must host are Three (3) a week.  Any exceptions must be approved on a case by case basis by TGFís Head Administrator, Kevin. 


We understand this is volunteer and people have lives and other problems or issues that prevent someone from hosting and thatís ok.


However, in order to keep our league alive and active, we need TD participation.  If we donít host in a room for more than 30 days, we lose all room rights to that room.  This can be a big problem for rooms that we have worked very hard to acquire and keep.  Now Cases has a team that watches Tournament Calendars very closely and we have received emails regarding this matter.  Some rooms we have are in very high demand and that makes it rough on us.  Periodically, we evaluate games and remove the less popular ones off our list.


halloween and the Christmas holiday has always been a slow time for all leagues.  Unfortunately, Cases doesnít care what time of year it is and enforces the room rights rule.  Especially if itís a game we want to keep and is in high demand, other leagues will start researching which they do all the time when they are looking for a room and we can easily lose the room if we donít host in there.


During the slow times all we ask is that you help us by participating in tournaments especially in the games we donít host in much.   All it takes is 4 to have a tourney.


An Adminís dream is having tours around the clock and maybe one day we will get there, who knows but that will be a great day for TGF!


If you feel for some reason you cannot host 3 times a weeks, please consider stepping down at this time.  You can always re-apply at any time once things get back to a norm in your life.   Contact TGF HA to discuss it. 



Setting Tourney Location


When setting a tourney location always make sure you list the name of the ďGameĒ first.  For example, Bingo 1 card regular Members Room Bingooo!  The reason is for new people or inexperienced members who arenít that familiar with what rooms we play in.  You should try to set ahead of time so our members know when thereís a tourney and you donít have to do a lot of begging for players at the last minute.  Also Premium Members receive email daily on what tourneys are set.





If something happens and you have to cancel your tourney, please let an Admin or HTD know.  We are really pretty easy to find.  Most of us keep our yahoo on, even while at work, and even when weíre invisible, just blast IM us so we all know and one of us will jump in and cover your tourney IF you have jumpers or reset what games you already had. 


If itís not a dire emergency, try to contact the jumpers personally to let them know.  Posting on the shout board is also a good idea.  Please do not move them at the last minute without saying anything, we tend to worry. 


The best case scenario is to contact an Admin.



Situations for Shared Rooms


If you are in one of our shared rooms and our shared league is having a tourney, please be polite and considerate of them.  In some cases you might want to have our members mute their leagueís members so our members wonít get confused at pairings, go go go, etc.  In some cases you might want to move our members into private chat or a table and run the tourney from there but is not necessary especially if it is our room and we allow a share.



Other Situations


If you go into one of our tourney rooms and come across another league running a tourney in our room, a league that we donít know or share with, please contact an admin immediately.  From our experience, we have found that politeness and friendliness go a very long way.  We have let them finish their tourney and chat with them and in most cases we have made a good friend and maybe share a member or two.   ALWAYS make note of TD Name and ALWAYS ask what league.  Print Key or Screen Print any names or conversations we might be interested in so we may follow up on it and watch.




In Game Situations


Always try to be in the room ready to start at least 15 to 20 minutes before your tourney starts.  Try to start as much on time as possible and it doesnít hurt anything to wait 4 or 5 minutes for late comers.  Always try to keep one eye on the chat and one eye on whatever you are doing.  The chat sometimes scrolls so fast itís easy to miss important questions or issues from members or could be members.  We have noticed when we miss things in the chat, our members get upset and withdraw from our tourney.


Itís usually a good thing to check the scores yourself instead of relying on or waiting for members to report their score.  We have often found that the first person to report, will report wrong, we zip through the TD page and mark winners to get to the next step, only to find that we marked the wrong person the winner and in some cases the real winner gets angry with us and we end up writing to cases which takes awhile to correct and apologizing profusely to our other member. 


It is best to take your time and not rush.  When we rush we make mistakes, weíve all done it.   You will find that most of our members are very understanding and if we make a mistake, donít worry about it this is not a job we all volunteer our time.  Whatever mistake we might make, it can always be fixed. 



Moving vs. Deleting


If you canít run your tourney for some reason, like not enough players or you have an emergency, itís ok to Move it to another day if you do not have any players registered in it.  If you have players registered in your tourney, you must delete it.  Not deleting a tourney with player in it flags Caseís fraud detector. 



We are here to have fun so relax and enjoy!