Go to  and click the Download link on the left side of the page.  This version is free to try but you have to purchase it.  Itís a complete version and very easy to use.  To download the Free Lite version, click that link on the page or click this link   Click either the exe or the zip file, whichever you prefer.  To install, just follow the prompts.  You should then see the S icon in the lower right hand corner in your system tray of your screen.




Before entering your text, you need to set the speed and general preferences.  Left Click on the S icon in your system tray.  The default is way too fast for what we use it for.  To do this, Click on Options then Preferences.  On the left side, click Delays.  Under all shortkeys use, enter 50000.  Anything less than this will make your text too fast.  Click Apply and OK.  Then click on the General tab and make sure ## is entered in the prefix box under Global Options.   See the following examples. 









Now you are ready to enter your text.  In the Original ShortKey box is where you give your text a name.  Two characters work the best.  For example:  AD for League Ad, FB for Fortune Bingo, PB for Pogo Bowl etc.  These are easy to remember when you need to use them.  Enter your text the way you want them to read in the game room.  The enter key will start a new line.  When done, click Save and Close and go to the next one.




See separate document for text samples and rules.





Now itís time to test your ShortKeys.  Your cursor must be in the area where you want your text to go.  You cannot do anything else while Shortkeys is running.  If you get an IM, ignore it or your text will go crazy and type in the IM and it will skip words in your game. 


To start text type in the chat the number button twice.  Thatís the (##) Shift key and the 3.  Then type in the 2 letters you set for what you want to type.  For example, type ( ## AD ) to run the league ad or type ( ## FB ) to run rules for Fortune Bingo.


When testing your shortkeys, do it in an IM to another TD.  Then go to an empty room and try it out there. 


Of course we are here to help you if you have any problems.  Just IM us as one of us is always online or reachable. 


Now you are ready to run your first practice tournament.  To do this, just go to and follow the step by step instructions there.


As Admins, we wish to be kept informed on everything thatís going on in our league.  When sending emails, send to all of us so we know whatís going on and there are no misunderstandings.  We appreciate everything that you do to make our growing family a very successful league and we couldnít do it without you.  But most importantly, have fun!