Go to  and scroll to the middle of the page and click the first Click Here file to download KeyText.    It is free even after the trial period.  To install, just follow the prompts.  You should then see the KT icon in the lower right hand corner in your system tray of your screen.


Left Click on the KT icon, Edit text in item, and choose A.  Click Edit and Delete All.  On the top of this box there are little icons or pictures, NONE of them should be pressed except the √ mark and that should be pressed in the down position.  If any others are pressed, just click on them.


Over on the top right hand side there is a white box.  This is where you give your text a name, like League Ad, Lottso, Bingo, Dice etc.  Just click in the white box and type a name.  Now itís time to type your text.  Copy and Paste our text or feel free to type your own.  The following is our standard text.  Repeat steps for all that you want but choose a different letter like B, C, D etc.


See separate document for text samples and rules.





Now itís time to test your keytext.  Your cursor must be in the area where you want your text to go.  You cannot do anything else while keytext is running.  If you get an IM, ignore it or your text will go crazy and type in the IM and it will skip words in your game. 


To start keytext Left Click on the KT icon in your system tray and choose the Letter or Heading you want to run.  You can stop the keytext at anytime by clicking the KT icon as its typing.


When testing your keytext, do it in an IM to another TD.  Then go to an empty room and try it out there. 


Of course we are here to help you if you have any problems.  Just IM us as one of us is always online or reachable. 


Now you are ready to run your first practice tournament.  To do this, just go to and follow the step by step instructions there.  Make sure you click Open Check In before registering your fake players.


As Admins, we wish to be kept informed on everything thatís going on in our league.  When sending emails, send to all of us so we know whatís going on and there are no misunderstandings.  We appreciate everything that you do to make our growing family a very successful league and we couldnít do it without you.  But most importantly, have fun!