Setting a Tournament

Updated January, 2009





Sign in to your TD page.


Default Format is BRACKET STYLE (Single-Elm)

On the calendar find the date you want and Click that Date


At this point you will choose a time.  Always remember that all times are set to Eastern Standard Time like New York, Florida, Michigan.  Make sure you choose AM or PM and click on the desired time.  ALWAYS set tours a half hour apart unless setting a long game like Canasta or Gin.  ALWAYS check to make sure you will not be running into someone elseís tour.


All token tournaments should be single elimination.  Only Admins and HTDís can set otherwise or if approved to do so by Head Admin. 




Give your tour a NAME.  Even though this field is optional, itís cute with a catchy name.  LOCATION is always Name of the Game, (Lottso, Bingo, Dice etc), Tab Name, (30ís 1 card speedy, Auction, etc), and the Name of the Room (Fast Cash, Tournament Room 015, Omaha etc).  It is important you list it this way so new members know which game we are playing. Tourney Style is what you prefer, Classic or Classic Pro.  Number of Rounds; ALWAYS choose FIVE (5).  The number of rounds will be adjusted automatically by the number of people in your tour.  Minutes between Round Start Times, ALWAYS enter 5 and scroll all the way to the bottom.




You may charge from the very first tourney.  The more you charge the more our members will win and want to play.


You may use the LadderBux entry fee option and click the drop down menu and choose the bux you want to charge your players. 


Click CREATE TOURNAMENT and your screen should tell you Tournament Created Successfully.  Click on Return to Administer Tourney #1234567.






On the right side of the screen you will see the heading Actions and in a blue highlighted box you must click OPEN CHECK-IN.   If check in is not opened, you will not be able to start your tour.    Note:  You can set way in advance but you wonít be able to open check in until 24 hours before tourney.  Click on Return to Administer Tourney #1234567.


Now scroll down to where you see Seed Players by and click on the drop down arrow and you can change Rating to Random if you want and click Change Seeding.  On 100% Rank Days keep it set to Rating.  This is an individual preference.  Click on Return to Administer Tourney #1234567. 


REFRESH your page once in a while and you will be able to see who has jumped into your tour by the heading Remove Team or Uncheck-in Team or scroll down to the bottom. 




Click Open Check In.  If you donít and you have players registered, you will have to make them all go back and click check in.  This confuses some so itís easier just to make sure you open it.  You can only open check in the day before and the day of the tourney. 




Edit Tournament Info is where you would go to change Date and Time.  If you see that you will not be able to close your tour by Midnight, change date to following day.  If this is not done, you will not be able to start your tour.


If you do not have any players at all to run your tournament, change the year of the tourney to the following year or to another day.  ALWAYS delete a tournament if you have players but not enough to run a tournament. 


After any changes are made, click Change Tourney Info.  Click on Return to Administer Tourney #1234567.


Customize Tournament Layout is for html users.  You can go to to see how to do this.  Other TDís can recommend already made up tourney page sites.  A very good one is   See the links page for other free tourney page websites.


Post Tournament Message will show up on your tourney page. 


When setting a tour make sure you donít overlap with someone elseís time settings.


Allow 45 minutes for Token Count Games and 30 minutes for others.


Itís very IMPORTANT to WATCH lobby (game) chat in case someone needs your help.  Run your League Ad regularly especially when you see new players in the room.  Feel free to change the wording but make sure you have all the directions for sign up included.




After all has checked in, click on Close Check-In then Start Tournament.  At that point you will see that Pairings for Round One are up.  To view these pairings scroll down to the bottom..  Announce them in the game room as follows:  PLAYER VS PLAYER, GL U2 or something similar is acceptable.


After the tour has started, under actions, click on Round 1.  When that round is over, click on the winnerís name.  Red indicates the winner.  Repeat this process for each round.  When the tour ends, just click on the links under Actions to close out your tournament.





You must have 20 tours in to run a Swiss.  Only an Admin can authorize you to do this.  Setup is the same way except choose Swiss System.  Set for 5 Rounds Ė 5 Minutes.  Scroll down to the bottom where it says True Swiss System.  If you mark the box YES, the tournament will go exactly how many rounds you set it for.  If you donít mark that box, it will run till you have a winner.  This way is preferred because you will always have a winner.  In True Swiss, you often find that you have no winner.


Remember to Open Check In. 





This is similar to running a regular tour with a couple twist.  To view pairings you need to click on Adjust Round 1 Results.  After choosing the winners, click on Return to Administer Tourney #1234567.


Click on Advance Tournament to Round 2.   This will show you the next pairings.  Also this screen will enable you to Swap Players.  The only time you want to swap players is when names are highlighted in blue.  This indicates that these players have played each other already in this tour.   Sometimes you canít help the same players playing each other.  So just explain to your players (if they say something) to blame cases.  =)


To Swap Players is fairly easy.  NEVER EVER swap the top 2 players.  Thereís a drop down menu box with players names.  Click on the names you would like to swap.  After you have the matches set, scroll down to the bottom and click Accept Current Pairings.  Then click on Return to Administer Tourney #1234567.


Repeat steps for each round.  Even though you set for 5 rounds, the computer will adjust to the number of players.


If you scroll down on the Tourney Administration page, you will see playerís names and the number of wins and losses in this tour.  It is fun for the player if you share that and the number of bux won with everyone. 





You must have at least 20 Swiss tours to run a DE.  Please do not attempt to run a DE until you can run a Swiss in your sleep.  Setup is the same way except choose BRACKET STYLE (Double-Elm)   Set for 5 Rounds Ė 5 Minutes.  This tour can run over an hour depending on how many players you have.  This is something to keep in mind when setting other tours.


Remember to open Check In. 




This tour is much different then any of the others.  After you close tournament you can scroll down to the bottom and check Players/Teams and look at Record for any byes. 


To find Current Pairings, go to Report Match.  You will then see Upper Bracket.  This is also where you report winners.  Click on the little white circles next to the name of the winner to report.  Click Report Loss one person at a time.   Then do the same with the Lower Bracket.  You can also click Standings to see the pairings.