Getting Started



Congratulations on becoming a TrueGoldFriend’s Staff Member.  This page contains some helpful information for getting started.  By now you have received your official letter from Case’s Ladder with your TD login information.


At this time we ask that you send your Phone Number(s), and Address to Kim at so we can add you to the phone list that the TD’s get and also to assist you in getting started.


One of the first things you should do is write a letter to Pogo Support asking for a smiley badge.  On your Pogo main page click on Help.  Then Click on Contact Us on the top of the page.  In the Ask a Question section under Platform & Game pick PC – Pogo Games – Fortune Bingo.  Then under the Question section type something like this


Hi, I’m a new host for TrueGoldFriends League (  We are a multi game league.  Please send me a Smiley Host Badge.  Thank you.


This may take a few days to get so it’s important that you do this right away.  It is against Pogo’s Terms of Service to type in caps and run scrolling text without this smiley badge.


Now download our special TD toolbar at  This is a very handy tool to have.  It has everything you need in it to be an efficient host.  If you have any problems with it, contact Kevin or Kim.  Sometimes Anti-Virus programs don’t like it but there’s a way around it.  You can uninstall the members toolbar as this toolbar has everything the members has plus more.


Next step is to download KeyText from or ShortKeys (preferred if you have MS Vista) from  This program is for running league rules and ads in the game room.  See TD Help ~ Setting Up KeyText/ShortKeys for instructions.


Then you want to enter the text.  We have set up the main rules but please feel free to use your own wording as long as the main rules are there whatever you choose will be fine.  See TD Help ~ KeyText Rules and Promos.  You can practice running KeyText in an empty room or an IM box to another TD. 


You are almost ready to set your first practice tournament.  Next read the instructions on how to set up a tournament.  See TD Help ~ Setting a Tournament.


NOW you are ready to practice.  Go to and follow the instructions there to have your first practice tournament. 


If you need any help at all with anything, contact an Admin or an HTD.  We are more then happy to help you get started.