How to Join a Tournament

Revised September, 2009



In order to play in any Tournament, you need to register for the one you want to play in. There are a couple ways to do this but we are going to tell you the easiest way.


On our main page, scroll down to the middle of the page under our custom area you will see Tournament Events.  Highlighted in green you will see the tourney times and the host name.  Next to the name you will see Register.  Click on that and you are registered for that one tourney.  Itís just that easy.


 Another way to register is to click on the actual name. 


Under the TDís name is the information regarding the tournament.  Here are the meanings.


Jump: 1234567 - This is the Jump Number which means Tournament Number.

Format will always be 1 vs 1.  This means you will play against one on one.

$XX L Check-In is the ladder bux it will cost you to enter a tournament.  Check-In means the status of the tournament and you can check in at anytime.

Location is the game we are playing and the room in which we are playing in.  Note:  Always check which room as we have a couple different rooms that we play in.


To register for a tournament, click on the yellow highlighted link.  The tournament page will then pop up.  Click on Register.  Enter your name and password and check the little box and click Register. 


Teams / Check-In is to check to see who has registered for this tournament.  You should always click Rules so you know what to expect in the game.


Now you are all ready to play and have fun.