Premium Memberships


Why are they getting more bux then me and I won the tourney?


Premium memberships are optional enhancements to your existing Ladder account. By purchasing a premium membership you help support the Ladder and to keep it free for everyone.  Your membership helps pay for advertising and gifts given by the league. 

Case’s premium membership program offers three levels of membership, including Gold ($29.95 a year), Platinum ($9.95 a month), and Diamond ($19.95 a month).  The amount of bux you win will be considerably more then with a free membership.  One of the perks with a premium membership is immunity from being purged from the League for inactivity.

Premium members receive priority support. This means that Cases Support always answer mail from premium members FIRST before any others, so you get answers to your questions and problems faster than non-members.


To purchase your membership, click on Upgrade under the My Account tab.