Sign Up Instructions

Revised DECEMBER 1, 2009


Welcome and thank you for visiting our site.  We are sure you will enjoy the friendly competition and the family environment that our league offers.  Here are step by step instructions on how to join our league.  Also you will find some helpful information here. 


You will need an activation email before you can play in a tournament.  Make sure you check your spam or bulk folder if you dont receive it in your regular email.  Let us know if you dont get it and we can activate you.  If at any time you have a question or problem while signing up, contact a host, an Admin under the support tab, or message staarbox on yahoo messenger.


On our main page on the top left side


Click FREE Sign-Up     

Enter your exact Pogo name      

Fill out all the boxes for bux.  You will need bux to join a tournament.  Note, you will not get spam email or junk mail.  The league does not have access to any of this information.



Check the box for Ladder Newsletter.  Once a month we send out a league newsletter informing you of changes, news, winners, recipe of the month, etc.


Check the rest of the boxes for bux also.  You might get one or two junk emails.  This section is optional and you are under no obligation if you do check them.  Its up to you. 


This next step gives you the option to purchase a premium membership. This is not necessary to be a member of our league.  You can always sign up later for a premium membership if you so wish.

Click continue as a free member


The next step, Special Offers, only click yes if you want.  Again, you are under no obligation to pick these offers.  If you do, you will get emails.  Then click proceed.


Step 4 tells you Registration Successful and that your Activation Code is sent to your email address.  If its not there, check your spam or bulk folder before you click send again.  If you still dont get it, an Admin can activate you.


Click the link in your email to activate your account.  It will take you back to our league page.  


New Member Introduction


Thank you for joining!  The purpose of this introduction is to make it easy for you to familiarize yourself with how our league works.  If you have any questions or concerns, please dont hesitate to ask a staff member.  We are here to help.  Now that you are set up as a member, you are ready to play. 


The first thing you want to do is log into the main page.  You will find the User Login on the upper right side of the page.  It will keep you logged in until you log out or clear your cookies. 



After you are logged in you will see the number of LadderBux and any new Private Messages you have. 


What are LadderBux?  LadderBux has often been compared to Pogo tokens, worthless.  Here Cases Ladder offers you LadderBux just for using their service.   They have many prizes for you to redeem your bux on.  The prizes change all the time.  Examples of past prizes are a laptop computer, xbox360, DVDs, games, etc.


Premium members earn more bux then a free member.  Cases offers Gold (you earn twice the bux), Platinum (you earn four times the bux), and Diamond (you earn six times the bux) Memberships.  Another benefit of a premium membership is the ability to transfer bux from one league to another.  Also your account will never be purged if you happen to become an inactive member.


You need LadderBux to enter tournaments.  You will receive bux for every round you win and more for every tournament you win.  Our hosts are always throwing in a special tournament where we give extra bux to the winner.  The more you play, the more they add up.


How do I join a Tournament?  There are 2 ways to join a tournament.  On the main page scroll down to where you see Tournament Events.  Under that you will see a list of upcoming tourneys.  They are listed in order by the time.  Next to the time is the Hosts name.  Next to that is the LadderBux that is charged to enter this tournament.  Click Register and you are ready to play.  Just make sure you are logged into the page. 


You can also click on the Tournaments tab up at the top of the main page.  Scroll down to where you see Tournaments.  Click on the TDs name of the tourney you want to join.  Click Register, enter your name, password, and check the little box saying that you read the rules, and then click Register.  Now you are ready to play.

The different colors represent the type of tourney it is.


Single Elimination (SE) If you lose once, you are eliminated from the rest of the tourney.

Double Elimination (DE) You have to lose twice before you are eliminated.

Swiss You play every round until someone is undefeated.

True Swiss Just like a regular Swiss except the number of rounds is determined and preset by the TD.

There are many Frequently Asked Questions under the Support tab and click on Common Questions and choose the Topic of the question you need answered.  Of course we are always here to answer any questions you may have.  Add us to your Yahoo and well let you know when theres a tournament coming up. 



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Again, thank you for joining and we hope you enjoy your stay with us.  Dont forget to check out our Custom Page at