It seems that many of our members have computer problems.  Myself included.  Many problems are usually fixable when they happen so it does not interfere with my pogo play time like it does to many.  The following procedures have all been tested.


When my computer starts to slow down or if itís start to take forever to download a game, I know thereís a problem with my computer usually not with pogo.  The common problem is with Java.  Sometimes you can get a bad download from them and have to uninstall and reinstall java.  On the pogo help page is a couple test you can run on your computer to test java and your pop-up blocker.  Here is a direct link for that page.

Task Manager1.gif

The first thing I do when I have issues is hit control, alt, delete to bring up the Windows Task Manager.  Or you can right click on the task bar and click Task Manager.  I check the Performance tab first to see the CPU Usage and Memory level. 


The lines indicate thereís too much running.  It doesnít necessarily mean the programs you have up but background processes that you probably donít need running.  The pic at the right shows that the CPU Usage is at 51%.  The normal is much lower.

Task Manager.gifNext click the Processes tab at the top to see whatís currently running.  You can click the names to put them in order.  In this example I clicked the Memory column to see what is taking up the most memory.  Click on the CPU column and see whatís making the CPU Usage so high. 


If you donít know what the exe file is, Google it and it will take you to websites that tell you if it is needed for your computer to run efficiently.  If you find you donít need that exe file, highlight it and End Process.

Task Manager2.gifIn the example above, I just have too many Internet Explorer windows open, about 6 but I also happen to have something else running that pops up every once in awhile that I have been unable to find the cause.  Iím not giving up though just keep checking online for a solution.


After I ended the processes that I wanted, here is what my Windows Task Manager looks like now.  The CPU Usage dropped from 51% to 2% and now my computer runs smoother. 


I have been doing some searching and reading trying to solve a problem on my computer and have come across a couple free downloads to manage and check whatís running on your computer.  There is a program called CCleaner.  I found this link on one of the computer geek websites so Iím pretty sure it can be trusted.  Here is the link. .  Download the latest version on the top right.  You donít have to save the exe file on your computer just click run.


After itís installed, double click the link on your desktop.  Under the Windows tab there are 3 sections checked.  Keep them checked.  You can click Analyze first to see what this program will delete or if you donít know what you are looking at, click Run Cleaner. This program will clean your system out for you.  Then click the Applications tab and do the same thing. 

Then click on the Registry button on the left side of the window and click Scan for Issues.  Then click Fix Selected Issues. 


The Tools button allows you to uninstall programs. The Startup button allows you to disable programs you donít want to run when your computer starts up.  Be cautious with this tool.  Only disable what you know about and donít need running.

Donít wait till you have problems to do these things, maintenance your computer regularly.  Websites like MySpace and Facebook seem to put a lot of stuff on your computer that is annoying.  I clean out my computer after each visit to those sites.  Even though I run my anti-virus and anti-spyware programs regularly, itís good to run them in safe mode also.  To get in safe mode, press F8 repeatedly while itís booting up.  Once in there, run your programs to clean out any problems you might have while the computer is starting up.  Some viruses and spyware are programmed to start when your computer does so running this in safe mode should catch it. 

Another regular maintenance you should do is clear your Java cache.  Go into Control Panel.  For Vista or XP users, click start, Control Panel and in Vista click Classic View in the upper left hand corner.  Double click the Java icon (coffee cup).  Under the General tab click the Settings button under Temporary Internet.  Then click Delete Files.  Click OK. 

Keep your Internet Temp files cleared out also.  On Internet Explorer click Tools, Internet Options; click Delete under Browsing History, and Delete Files.  Delete all to clean everything out.


Defrag your hard drive often.  Go into Control Panel, System and Maintenance, and Administrator Tools, and click Defragment your hard drive.  I have mine set up to run at 1:00 am once a week. 


Keep your Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware programs up to date.  There are 2 very good programs that are free to download and use.  They are AVG and SpyBot Search and Destroy  It doesnít hurt to have more than one anit-spyware program.  What one doesnít catch, the other will.


Another program we have found and tested is Auslogics Boost Speed.  You can download it at for a 30 day free trial.  After that you have to purchase it.  The CCleaner is completely free though.


One last thing to remember is the less icons you have on your desktop, the better.  Your computer will load faster.  If you need these shortcuts, consider making a folder on your desktop and put these shortcuts in that folder. 


To make a folder right click anywhere on your desktop click new and then click folder.  Just drag these icons into that folder.  I have folders labeled ďnot used muchĒ, ďpogo room linksĒ, ďleague stuffĒ, etc.


We hope this helps some of you with your computer problems.  Let us know if you have any problems and weíll try to help you out.  Soon weíll have this posted on our website for you to reference it anytime you need it.