Important Case’s / MyLeague Rule



It is against Case’s Ladder’s Terms of Service to reveal your password to any staff member and to have any staff member register you for a Tournament. 


Tournament Directors (TD’s, Host) may never sign up a member for a tournament nor will they ever ask you for your password.


If you have given your password to any staff member, IMMEDIATELY change your password and do not reveal it to anyone. 


Failure to comply to Case’s TOS will result in possible termination from the league.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a staff member.


Here are instructions on how to change your password. 


Ø  Sign into our main page.

Ø  Click the My Account Tab at the top.

Ø  On the left side of the page under the heading My Options, click on Edit Password.  Enter your Old Password then enter your New Password twice

Ø  Click Save.