True Gold Friends League Rules

A place to relax and enjoy yourself!

Revised November, 2009


We reserve the right to change these rules as new issues arise.  Please check back from time to time to see if there are any updates or new rule adoptions.


TGF number 1 rule is to have fun.  We are here to relieve stress, relax, and make new friends.  While there is competition in our tournaments, good sportsmanship and courteous behavior are mandatory.  Creating a stressful environment is not acceptable in our league.  Remember Admins and TDís are volunteers.  They give their time to create an atmosphere for you to come and enjoy.  Understand they are human and not perfect.  Take any issues you have in a TDís tourney to the one that hosted that tourney.  If they have any problems, they will contact an Admin to assist.


If you have any problems or issues with other members, please bring them to an Admin.  As you know, conversations get translated differently so we will only talk and explain our actions with the members involved.  Any league member that has an issue with another member is strongly encouraged to work it out between you first.  If for some reason you canít, please contact an Admin for assistance.  


When a match takes longer than scheduled, the entire tournament is delayed. This makes for unhappy TDís and players. It also affects the next tourney scheduled. PLEASE!!  Keep your games moving!!



Remember, this is your league too and will be what you make it.  Playing by the rules and treating other as you would like to be treated will not only make it more fun for you but for everyone as well.